National Meeting



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The National Committee 2020  has reluctantly decided to cancel the 2020 TSOA National Meeting.

We had been hoping for a relaxation in the quarantine rules but we can’t delay our decision any longer.

We had to make our decision before the end of August so that we could cancel our accommodation without loss of funds.

Considering the border restrictions currently in place and the current presence of community transfer of Covid 19 it would be unsafe and unwise to put all of us attending potentially at risk.

The Anchorage has allowed us to transfer our booking to October 2025, with a rate based on our current price with appropriate increases in line with costs.

We have archived our plans as a starting point for the 2025 Committee.

The South Australian TSOA National Committee generously offered for us to host 2021 and then they would host 2022 etc. The Committee felt that the continuity of the National Meeting by state at the designated years should continue. Also, there was no guarantee that The Anchorage could change our booking to 2021 and retain the same rate, so the Committee felt it best to draw a line under 2020 and provide the NSW TSOA National 2025 Committee the benefit of our experience and planning.

Hope to see you all in South Australia in 2021.

The 2020 Committee