Concours – TR7/8

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Marque Classes – Concours d’Elegance – placings are only given to cars attaining a score of at least 75%
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TR7 & 8
2002:  1st Paul Davis
2003:  1st Bob Jones
2004:  1st Bob Jones
2005:  1st Bob Jones
2006:  1st Kerry Siegel  |  2nd Bob Jones
2007:  1st Kerry Siegel  |  2nd Ian Peard
2008:  1st Kerry Seigel  |  2nd Graham Harrold
2009:  1st Ian Peard  |  2nd Graham Harrold
2010:  1st Graham Harrold
2011:  1st Kerry Seigel  |  2nd Ian Peard
2012:  1st Kerry Seigel