Ecurie Triumph

Ecurie Triumph is the sports car racing arm of TSOA and was founded in the early 1960’s.  Today the tradition of Triumph sports cars in motorsport continues unchanged  under the Ecurie banner.  The John Thompson Trophy is awarded each year by the club to the most successful Ecurie Triumph driver.

Former winners of the John Thompson Ecurie Trophy


  1. Geoff Byrne – TR6


  1. Tony Daines – TR6
  2. Geoff Byrne – TR6
  3. Andrew Gibson – TR3


  1. Geoff Byrne – TR6
  2. Andrew Gibson – TR3
  3. Graeme Rutledge – TR6

Membership to Ecurie Triumph is open to TSOA members who hold an open CAMS racing licence and compete in the Group S racing series in a Triumph car.

  1. Triumph sports cars competing in races for Historic Production Sports Cars (CAMS Groups Sa, Sb and Sc) shall be eligible to compete for the John Thompson Performance Cars trophy.
  2. Drivers must be financial members of TSOA (N.S.W.) and included in the agreed “Ecurie Triumph” driver list to be eligible.
  3. Points will be awarded on the results of each race for Group S over the weekend. No points will be awarded for any handicap race
  4. Points will be awarded on the basis of 10,6,4,3,2,1,1,1,1, etc. using the driver’s outright finishing order. No points will be awarded for a DNF.
  5. If separate races are programmed for eligible Triumphs (e.g. Group Sa and Sb have different races) total race times will be used to determine Ecurie Triumph round placings. In the event that races are of different lengths, a pro rata adjustment of competitors race times will be used. A similar adjustment may be required in the event of lapped competitors.
  6. In the event that calculations in point 6 result in identical race times, the driver with the faster lap recorded in the feature race will take precedence.
  7. For the TSOA Super Sprint , the fastest official lap time only will determine the points awarded. If two driver record the same time the one recording the time first takes precident.
  8. Where a race requires 2 drivers, both eligible Ecurie Triumph drivers will be awarded full points for their placing provided that a driver has completed a minimum of 10% of the total laps.

For further information contact Geoff Byrne or Rod Chivas or visit our Ecurie Triumph Facebook Page